Areas By Design walks you through a curated offering of fabrics and ideas for your piece.

Place value on your time and budget all while taking care to ensure you love your new furniture. We take pride in making your existing upholstered pieces look new again. Your investment in furniture does not have to end just because the fabric is worn and dated. That favorite and well loved chair can make a new entrance into your home.

We take care to craft  our reupholstery using traditional craftsmanship, materials and techniques. New foam, down, webbing, springs, etc can be added to completely revitalize each piece. The result is the highest quality upholstery suited to your life, style and budget.

Who We Help

We have worked with hundreds of homeowners, designers, contractors and businesses to transform interior spaces with an eye for detail and craftsmanship. Let us help you create that one of a kind space you never want to leave.


We can provide your clients with high quality custom pieces that align with your vision, design aesthetic and most importantly budget.


Whether it’s reupholstering your favorite sofa or creating functional window treatments, Areas By Design will make you love your home.

Business Owners

From booths and benches to remote window panels, Areas By Design will custom fit your interior to the needs of your business.